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About us

My name is Sylvia and I have been a design lover all my life.

A painting, a piece of furniture or cloth, an architecture object, I am all about art and the spirit of creation. I have always been inspired by the hidden balance of mixing colours, forms and textures.

My urge to add more value and meaning and to create and represent the beauty of life has naturally driven me to establish MINTY in 2011. As before and now,  my core beliefs have been dedicated to adding more loveliness to our daily rhythm and rooting the seed of consciousness in the flow of life. That’s why MINTY Home decor & Soul Inspiration line has been started so you can find products to embellish your home and others to lighten up your spirit.

We at MINTY, love to experiment with hand techniques, appreciate natural materials and strongly believe that every product is a mixture of sustainable design idea, high quality, function and emotional message that speaks from our senses but reflects individually through yours.

All our products are soul made and heart finished and have been carefully designed and crafted to bring you inspiration, delight and contentment. Because life is to be celebrated!

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